Things are always growing and changing with this project.  That’s the theme of this post.  I didn’t make it to a 2nd post in March which was my goal, but I’m only one day late. 

I already explained what it was like in Israel for Laura and I.  Now that I am back in Lausanne and have had some time to reflect on the whirlwind of a trip, I realize how truly amazing it was, and lucky that everything worked out!  Only one person cancelled their interview, but I also was able to schedule another one, keeping the number at 12 total in 2 weeks.  I also received more names of people to interview, which is always exciting.

These past two weeks back in Lausanne have been both positive and negative.  First, my laptop was stolen at the university cafeteria.  The funny thing is I am only at the university once a month on average, but it happened to me.  The up side is that I had done a post-Israel full computer backup the DAY before it was stolen, so I didn’t lose anything from the project.  I’m lucky to be an obsessive back-uper.

I’ve been learning a lot of new French words, words that I had trouble finding before.  I attribute this to having a few close French-speaking friends, and the amount of time I spend with native French speakers.  I have been trying to do more social and fun things here as my time is coming to a close, and this past week was a good example of that. I took a 4 hour walk through Geneva with another Fulbrighter, saw a small library exhibit from a Swiss friend, went to a sushi-making party, and spent time with friends in general.  It definitely has enhanced my week.

I am going back to the US for Pesach for two weeks.  However, everyone in Lausanne made sure I’m coming back, as they said they will miss me too much.  I do feel like I have some family here. Some upcoming things: working with a talented film student from the University of Lausanne on a short film/video for my upcoming presentations, meetings in NYC and DC at the Museum of Tolerance and the Swiss Embassy about presentations in the fall, and lots of advice-seeking about the book and article writing process.  Also, a car trip with Laura in June to Le Chambon and some of the other places where Jewish children were hidden and saved during the war in France.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Sorry there are no new photos this time.  I will post some when I get a new computer.  I can’t believe it’s the last 3 months of my Fulbright experience. I could use another year! Chag pessach kasher v’sameach and Happy Easter to everyone who is reading!