Hi everyone! 

Sorry I have not posted in a while.  Here are my top 10 from January.  Honestly, it was a difficult month socially, politically, and work-wise, so I’m looking forward to a new month with new challenges.  But back to January:

1.  Paris visit #2!  I did 5 interviews with survivors in 5 days, which was a great experience that left me exhausted upon my return to Lausanne.  All of the interviews were in French, which made me very proud.  They were, overall, very good and went well!

2. The OSE Centennial event was wonderful!  It was hosted in the College des Bernardins, http://www.collegedesbernardins.fr/, a beautiful space in Paris!  There were a number of survivors and their rescuers highlighted, with photos, testimonials, and video clips, who were all rescued by or worked with the OSE during the war. 

3.  Other Paris highlights- the sales began, seeing old friends, and some beautiful weather!

4.  Since the beginning of January, I have started my research in the Geneva archives, and have been welcomed warmly there.

5.  I scheduled a presentation of my research and Laura’s photos for the fall 2012 at a wonderful location which I will disclose soon!  Clue # 1- It IS a Museum in NYC…

6. My dad is here visiting for two weekends (with work in between).  It has been really nice to see him!

7.  Some events that have taught me how to let go, to focus on what is really important in life, and how to sift through all the junk that people say and do sometimes.  Thanks to all my friends and family from everywhere who have been there to help me through it this month!

8.  Upcoming trips- London in February, Paris to see Zach (my brother!), Pat and Mary Anne (professors from the states!), and Israel in March.

9.  Community events- a survivor’s book launch in Zurich and another in London.

10.  Gaining a new sense of independence.  I can now talk my way out of a ticket on the Swiss rail system…etc…etc.

Sorry my blog isn’t as funny as some others, but I feel like the exciting things aren’t always funny.  I have, however, acquired 35 new books since arriving to Switzerland, which is more amazing than funny! No new photos as of late, but check back on Facebook to see any I’ve posted! 

Salut to the end of January and the beginning of February!