Hi Everyone!

I know most of you have been following me through facebook or skype, so this one’s more for me.  Since I still haven’t figured this blog site out, pictures are mostly on facebook.  A lot has happened since Paris.  I will try to update you all!

1.  At the beginning of the month, I traveled to Amsterdam, where I conducted 2 interviews with a husband and wife who were both refugees in Switzerland.  They had photos of their time in Switzerland, which I have never seen before. Truly amazing.  Also, Janice met me in Amsterdam and we shared the world’s smallest room in Annette’s B&B!  It was fun to visit the city with her.

2.  Meeting Laura!  Laura is a former Fulbrighter to Switzerland and is a professional photographer.  She has been helping me create a photographic representation of my research.  We’ve been traveling throughout Switzerland, even to some random areas (ehem…Bex), and she’s taken photos of the sites and profiles pictures of the individuals who are important to my research.  Working with her has been amazing and jam-packed, and I can’t wait to see the final result!

3.  LOTS of contact and connections with scholars in the field in Switzerland, all of whom are truly amazing and have helped me a lot.  These include archivists, historians, government employees, members of the Jewish Community, survivors, and more.

4.  I began a small internship at the World Health Organization.  I’ll be working on a case study and analysis for publication with the department for a peer review journal.  I’m also beefing up my knowledge of epi, and am back working with the issue of FGM.  The team is awesome at the OMS!

5.  I will be invited to attend the O.S.E. centennial event in Paris, in January! 

6.  Have been receiving lots of books and mail from scholars, memoirs from survivors, and phone calls.  It is the human aspect of my research that I love so much (although I do also love looking at archival documents.  I know, nerdy).

7. I have been invited to present my research at the United States Embassy in Bern, at a Jefferson Forum, in May.  I am very excited.  We will ideally be displaying some of Laura’s photos at the event, as well.  It will be a great way to give back to the Fulbright community.

8.  VISITORS!  Including my dad, Jackie, my mom, and Ben!

9.  Transcribers!  I have 6 new volunteer transcribers (thank you, idealist.org).

10.  Travel, fun, Falaises, passion, and new friends.  I am thankful for all of this today and every day.  Thank you especially to those who have been supporting me, from local and abroad, during this year.

I hope to post again soon! 

Happy Thanksgiving,