Ambassador dinner and the magic of the internet


Hi Everyone!

I know I haven’t posted as much as I would like, but here’s some new stuff from this week:

1. I posted a “searching for” request to a listserv of survivors and their families, and in one day I received 50 responses! Not all of them were exactly what I needed, but I did find 10 more child survivors to interview, and a lot of articles, books, memoirs, etc, are being sent my way! The internet is an AMAZING resource!

2. Went to the Chestnut Festival in Valais with another Fulbrighter from Lausanne. There are 17,000 acres of chestnut fields, and during the fall they are open to anyone to pick chestnuts. We hiked up into part of the field and got some amazing photos. Check them out on Facebook!

3. The Fulbrighters were invited to a reception with the U.S. Ambassador in Bern, on Tuesday night. Most of the 11 of us were there, and it was great to meet everyone! We are a pretty cool bunch, if I can say so myself.

4. I was asked to put together a presentation, including some of my videos, to present my research findings at the U.S. Embassy at the end of the year! It will be an awesome event.

5. Making friends with more international students, expanding the network. Especially friends from France, Germany, Italy, Serbia, and Tunisia. Oh, and Suisse Allemande.

6. Met with the most wonderful Serge Klarsfeld today. Received some books from him, and a lot of VERY useful advice.

7. More meetings in Paris to follow: Georges Loinger, Lili Garel, Annette Davis, Katy Hazan.

8. Working at the CDJC archives in Paris next week.

9. Getting focused and grounded. Including printing photos of people who inspire me…and posting them on my wall.

10. Visitors soon! Jackie, mom, Ben, Stephanie, and seeing Janice in Amsterdam staying in the smallest room ever.

10 bis. I got to dance with an amazing tapper on Saturday night, and a brilliant piano player, Jean Yves, who is blind! I got to sit in the sound booth with the theater owners because the seats were full. It was overall a really cool night.

More photos and updates to come! Check Facebook, too!



Week 3/4

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Hi Everyone!

Exciting week here in Lausanne!  I will give you some highlights:

1.  I was invited to meet the U.S. Ambassador in Bern, the capital of Switzerland.  It is a Fulbright reception with the other Fulbrighters.  I’m pretty excited- it will be on October 18.

2. I’m heading to Basel tomorrow, to meet with two scholars, Antonia Schmidlin and Ivan Lefkovitz, who is a survivor, and hopefully get some new reading material.

3.  Next week, I will be traveling to Paris for a few days.  Among the meetings I have are: Serge Klarsfeld (look him up-, Katy Hazan at O.S.E. Paris, Lili Garel (look up Georges Garel/Reseau Garel to learn more about her… is a site about her husband Georges), and two friends.  I will be conducting an oral history testimony with Lili Garel.  The rest of the time I will be working in the CDJC archives at the Memorial de la Shoah in Paris.

4.  I met up with the other Fulbrighters last Sunday in Geneva.  We went to the food market and tried lots of new things, including fresh anchovies and hot peppers stuffed with fresh cheese.  It was really fun to get to meet everyone!

5.  Spending the Jewish holidays with the Jewish Community in Lausanne has been great.

6.  I booked a trip to Amsterdam to do an oral history testimony with Mr. Aronson.  Janice (from Brandeis) is going to meet me there from London so we can see the city together!

7.  I have a trip planned to Neuchatel, for fun, and to Uster near Zurich for another oral history taping.

8.  I’ve been making friends and getting closer with my etage at Falaises and with some of the other Boursiers from all different countries.

9.  Upcoming news…doing some work for the World Health Organization in Geneva a few days a week!

10.  Upcoming visitors- Jackie in November, mom in December!

Keep an eye out for new photos on Facebook soon!  Check out the links I’ve posted about the people I will meet.